Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lucky life

Lucky life isn't one long string of horrors
and there are moments of peace, and pleasure, as I lie in between the blows.

~ from the poem Lucky Life by Gerald Stern which I came across while reading a movie review of the same name while the music played with a backdrop of thunder and lightning and also while I was thinking about myself. huh !

Monday, August 16, 2010

monday morning ..

if i was a dog, i would go hide under a bed and stay there all day.
yeah that kinda day.

a little scared of life and full of wonder at this world which just gets up and goes on every morning shaking off the remains of the night. i envy this world, everyone who knows how to go about the business of life. day in. day out. how ? today i don't have a clue. feel like the kid on his first day at school who won't cry but just stay there silently counting hours, minutes and seconds till he can get home. and then look at everyone else and wonder .. how ?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bruno :-)

photograph by : Nilotpal Shahi

four haikus and a sleepless night

if you can't sleep
you are sleepless
not a poet, please.


a blank canvas of a night
doesn't make a poem
what else does ?


two pillows
still no pillow talk
what's wrong with these pillows ?


a laptop screen at night
is an island of light
and a bug's delight


Thursday, August 5, 2010

all things that make a happy commute !!!

okay everyone hates it, i know. most days i hate it too. but there comes a day i suspect in every commuter's life when you love it so much you just don't want to get off. today was one of those days. everything went right for once. slept well. got up in time. had a good breakfast at home. caught the bus just in time. didn't forget the umbrella. didn't forget the cellphone. got the window seat. it was not raining. but it looked like it would any moment - the clouds and a happy breeze full of promise. and all the while i kept humming a tune from last night. :)

a memory from years ago when on a late night half empty train i would sing aloud tunelessly into the screaming wind. no one could hear. not even me.