Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Express(way) poetry

the rain started in earnest
then suddenly stopped
as if it just remembered
"oops .. had to go somewhere else !"


the little droplets
were up to something
falling off the glass
beautiful patterns
forever in making
never to form
as the twin wipers
wiped them clean
in synchronized fury


Friday, July 15, 2011


I loved the title. And when I finished the movie, I realized there could have been no other title. And yes, the picture is right. It is about a man pushing his cart. And his life along with it.
This one takes you in slowly, almost indifferently as if it wouldn't matter if you didn't care. Offers you no comforts, no solace, dashes every little hope you build along the way (like we so innocently do when we watch movies, or read stories) and yet leaves you hopeful in the end. It's full of so many everyday moments, awkward and sweet, real and beautiful and sad too. In fact it's made up entirely of real things - hoping hearts, weary smiles and eyes that give nothing yet everything away. It gets you without even trying to and therein lies it's honest beauty. It's a little sad yes but doesn't leave you so. The most beautiful moments in life are often paradoxical. In that way it's a little like life. A little too much.