Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Scent Of Green Papaya

I loved this. Relished it in all it's lushness and slowness, its music and its silent wonder. This movie seems to say to us .. every moment you choose to hold your gaze at life holds the promise of poetry. There is this sweet spot between a nameless calm and a nameless longing. It leaves you stranded there. It's a beautiful place I tell you.

Here is the poem Miu reads out in the end, and shes just learnt how to read.

The spring water,
nestled in a hole in a rock,
shimmers softly when disturbed.

The vibrations of the ground
have given birth to strong waves
which crash together in an irregular swell
on the surface,
without cresting.

If there's a verb meaning "to move harmoniously"
it must be used here.

The cherry trees,
gripped in shadows,
spread out and curl up,
sway and twist,
to the rhythm of the water.

But the interesting thing is that ..
however much they change,
they keep the shape of a cherry tree.

P.S: I might watch it again and will definitely check out the other movies by this director.