Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wonders Of The Solar System: Empire Of The Sun

Happened to chance upon this while channel surfing. The first episode of the "Wonders Of The Solar System" series on BBC Entertainment today. Totally Awesome !!!
An utterly charming presenter, Professor Brian Cox has that infectious way people have when they are so obviously talking about the things they love. So often, the beauty of science is lost in the dryness of its approach. This one brings back the wonder !!!

Stunning visuals - Wild rivers, the heart of the amazonian forests, extinct volcanoes, the driest desert and the magical northern lights or the "Aurora Borealis" (in pic). The story of the sun, it's birth and the imminent (may be not by our scale of time, but yes imminent it is) death is told through the green of the leaves and the white blue of the surging waters. And they always always keep it real. My fav part is a beautiful long shot of a lone man with a telescope on a mountain top against the vastness of the night.

Made me think about my life and how little my daily pursuits mean in the life of this universe. A little late in the day to become an astronomer now but I can always look at the sky and peace out. Maybe buy a telescope when I am a little richer, and may be have a kid and show him the stars. I think gazing at the stars keeps you humble.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

in between books :)

the pleasure of finishing a book is followed by another pleasure - of being bookless for a while. feel a little weight lost in your bag when you leave home. your fingers need not be bookmarks anymore when you look out the window in the bus. look at the highway, the speeding cars, the birds, the breeze, the salt fields in the morning light. watch the world in slo-mo or fast cuts, as you choose. it's all lovely. nothing to go back to. nothing to come back to. nothing not to forget behind.

and when you come home from work, go take a look at your shelf. your modest treasure lies in these dusty ruins. not too long though, for you already know which one to pick next. the pleasure of finishing a book is followed by another pleasure - starting a new one.