Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And we don't mind the rain

the last white bird in the rain
is not looking for a shelter
as it flies in auto pilot
the men in yellow hats
hanging high from the scaffolding
are fearless too
the cars with red tops
and blue tops and white tops
sleep silent in the car lot
and i with the eyes of a man
calm from last night's sleep
stand at the window

we are all happy where we are
and we don't mind the rain.


  1. u don mind the rain especially when ur drenched in the salty water and pinches of sand all around....u want the rain to wash off all that came along... and make u feel fresh and pure again...

  2. effortless and looks like...you were penning it down as soon as the words came to ur mind = )


  3. yeah it was a little like that .. whatever i saw .. whatever came to my mind :)

  4. wow :) i think i should confess now that i have been reading your poems for some time. love them. :)

  5. amazing! and I love the title! :-) tu to ashiq hai bhai! :-)

  6. Sure. It's raining on my Sunday right now.