Sunday, June 24, 2012

In Bruges (And yes someday I would go there !!!)

I am not going to be eloquent about it. Rather I can not because I already tried it in my head and I was no good. So I am just going to say this - This is the best fucking movie I have seen twice. Ever. There .. its done.

Watched it a long time back. Loved it. But this time around it just blew my mind and no I don't mean as in a gunshot. So as the end credits roll, while the theme still plays in my ears, while the snow must still fall softly from the bruges sky and the blood still hot on the snow on it's cobbled streets I must get out as many words as I can. This was the perfect plot. Perfect as only a film or a plot can be. Not life. Not that I know. Everything tied together brilliantly. Nothing wasted - not a single character, not a word, not a piece of music nor even a wisp of air thick with mist. As of this moment I am so desperate to stay in the story to find what out what happens to all those lives. I just wished it lasted longer .. maybe forever. But then it wouldn't be perfect. Like life.

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