Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the dog problem I & II

i went for a jog this morning. before i go into the problems, let me just soak up the applause.

applause. applause.

well thank you and i love you too. okay then now lets get to the story. the dog wanted to come too, but he refused to put his leash on. and he'd already had his morning walk with dad. so i didn't take him along. and guess what it rained on my once-in-a-season jogging day. what was i thinking it is a season for rain even more so in mumbai. but i wasn't about to stop this being my once-in-a-season jogging day. so jogging in the rain is fun and the park gets almost empty. there are a few umbrella walkers but no problem navigating around them.

problem one

i come back drenched in rain and found the dog waiting by the door seething in anger. ignored him and went for my bath. came back and saw he'd torn my socks apart. lesson learnt. never ignore an angry dog. always hide your socks before you do.

problem two

caught the dog humping a folded mattress y'day. and he looked in a tearing hurry it seemed. somehow rescued the mattress. have to google for a breeding center in mumbai. for the dog you know.


  1. Ohh my God!! I hate your dog already!! Bruno!!! :@

  2. he is not so bad if only you get to know him better :)

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  4. I hate dogs..!! over enthusiastic and intrusive.. I keep my space sacred.. thou I dont mind invading others' territory myself.. OMG!! I feel like a Dog now!! am I? :'( :P

  5. Your dog is the most naturally sweet dog and trust me dogs get worse than this wen they are at their age of mating.My sis used to find zubbi's bf's(dogs)inside the metal gates,wonder how they got there.U shud get him friendly with some dog in ur society,Dogs are social animals!!!!;)

  6. yeah he tries to get special friendly with a few female dogs on his road trips .. their only response so far has been to bark at him. i guess they'll come around eventually ..

  7. my dog has a dogged determination, you know !!!