Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleeping Beauty and the Airplane

"Then I contemplated her, inch by inch, for several hours, and the only sign of life I could detact were the shadows of the dreams that passed along her forehead like clouds over water."

~~ from the re-reading of "Sleeping Beauty and the Airplane", one of my favorite short stories from "Strange Pilgrims"


  1. Started readin Haruki Murakami finally. woke up @ 6:30 and it was raining outside, so thought if today I wud not like this book, I never would.. and it was awesome!! :)
    and why am i writin this here? because I dont care// main tera blog ganda karunga!! :D

  2. also maybe because you are still half baked :)
    a full baked poet would never do this !!!

    but seriously murakami is awesome. he knows many worlds, holds back his temptation for all out beauty .. all out anything actually. he knows life and its many harmonies and some harmonies are not harmonic at all. he loves food, women, music,sun and the rain like all of us but he really knows how to talk about it.
    haruki murakami can take a bow now !!!

  3. the line in the blog is gabriel garcia marquez by the way. and which book of murakami have you started ?

  4. Marquez ki 1 1/2 books padhin hain.. 100 years of solitude and couldn't complete love in the times of cholera.. got bored.! :(
    and Murkami ki to Kafka on the shore hai.. kuch the boy names crow hai.. ab socha paisa kharcha hai book pe to padh lein.. but it isn't that bad, just read a few pages thou.. :)

  5. guess who else is reading kafka on the shore these days .. shahi !!!