Sunday, February 5, 2012

in the slipstream of life

Of late, I have noticed too many days have passed me by without eliciting any conscious thought on my part. At least none that I remember and I usually remember things. Been a while I have been my usual self - No missed work days, no sleepless nights spent over music, no books started or finished. No trips taken. No minor epiphanies had. :)
No questions asked of life. No plans made - not even the ones that shift forever.

Been hurtling from one day to another with monstrous efficiency. Waking, working, eating sleeping and doing it all over again, day in, day out. I have become quite the 'worker'. Maybe even beginning to like doing what I do. I am very sure I do like the people I work with - some really simple sweet people and some really whimsical funny people who respond to every crisis with a bad joke. So I get by alright.:)

But I would like to restore my work life balance to normal. And It doesn't look like its happening soon. But until then I guess it's alright. :)

P.S: Desperately need to catch a movie tomorrow.


  1. Whoa!
    This is huge, not the Ravi we know!

    I remember the znmd line - dil main agar betaabiyan
    Leke jee rahe ho. . Toh zinda ho Tum ! Or something like that.

    But . . Going by that line, I have been dead for a long time. Except I guess Sunday evenings . .


  2. in that vein .. i feel alive only on Friday nights :) and maybe Saturdays ..
    Sundays are spent in the shadow of fear of the next work week .. maybe not so much now .. which is exactly my concern :)

  3. "work life balance" - big words indeed.
    At times we dont even realize how little we are living. And are satisfied.

  4. Yeah I agree .. most of us mix up the two .. and the balance if at all, is often an illusory one.

  5. Don't get me started on that "Worker Syndrome" :-|

    BTW... the blog reminds me of those lines from the kate-caprio movie.. the revolutionary road.. u know the one I mean.. I am sure!!

    Chalo koi nahi lets go for a movie in Calgary.. picture dekhte hain!! A movie and popcorn+cola does wonders!! :-)