Monday, March 12, 2012

California Dreamin'

Finished all that I had to do today - read the newspaper back to back, bathed the dog, washed all my clothes, put on fresh sheets on the bed, done with the grocery. Got myself four cans of beer. Cans - because I don't have a bottle opener and someone told me it's gross to open bottles with your teeth. (Even though I think it's one of my secret skills). So I was two beers down and was about to eat - a spread of home made chicken curry and rice. A regular Sunday until now. That's when I decided to watch a movie - "Chungking Express" it was to be. What followed was the most fun I could have had on an all-by-myself Sunday. Turned out to be the most whimsical, sweetest piece of cinema I had seen yet. Loved everything about it - there is an unabashed innocence about it's characters and it's totally charming. Reminds you of all the silliness we are capable of when that heartbreak thing happens. Also when the love thing happens. :). I am sure everyone has tried it - at least once.

The soundtrack is still stuck in my head. Listening to 'California Dreamin' on repeat as I type. It's a glorious night outside.


  1. I click on my movie folder and then i browse through all those movies trying to choose the perfect movie for the night and suddenly the cursor moves over the folder called "chungking express" and then i smile.
    it happens everytime........

  2. Yes, it's one of those movies :)