Monday, June 3, 2013

Liberal Arts

A friend had recommended this movie to me sometime back. And I am so happy I finally watched it. Of late I have realized I am not so good at describing things I love - I usually ramble about, use a lot of vague similes and superlatives, sometimes even expletives (and I secretly think very highly of the ramblings). So this is what I'll do - I'll list down all the things I loved about this movie (in no particular order) and I harbor no illusions of being good at it.

  • It has the phrase - "Everything's Okay".
  • It's full of spontaneous interesting conversations - so many of them. Sometimes I think beautiful conversations are all I love about this world. *Confession: I sometimes think everything I do is just to be prepared for beautiful conversations. *Tip: You don't prepare for things like that, they just happen. But it feels so good to know that these things happen. **Another Tip: You still need to go out though. :)
  • It has a great score - think about the amazing things that happen to you when you are walking the streets with your head full of music. And no I am not talking about causing(or being) road accidents. (Sorry that's my morbid side)
  • Books are all over it - strewn across randomly (or carefully) through the scenes. This film is almost exclusively shot in libraries, bookshops, dorm rooms with books, coffee shops with books, a head full of books etc
  • At some level it is a coming of age, finding happiness, finding yourself kinda story. And I am a sucker for that. Big time - I still need to do that for myself. But that's a subject for another long boring post.
  • There is not a single cliche in the movie. Or if there were I loved them all.
  • Josh Radnor has charm - tonnes of it. He is almost gifted with it. His is a awkward, nice, warm, geeky, slightly snobbish but generally well meaning kind of a character. And I love those.
  • Richard Jenkins.


  1. i love confessional posts :)

    about interesting conversations, i agree, i think most of us try to script our lives at macro and/or micro level :)

    Liked the movie and radnor and elizabeth orsen and the classical music.

  2. and i love writing them .. pure self indulgence :)