Sunday, June 2, 2013

Majical Cloudz - Bugs Don't Buzz

A sparse poem floating over a sea of white noise carried ever so gently by a piano loop and a haunting hook for a voice. The echoes just won't stop in my head. For people who  love labels - happy songs, sad songs, dark songs etc - just go by the sound. It's more than amazing.

The song:

And the lyrics:

The cheesiest songs all end with a smile.
This won't end with a smile, my love.

Wait with me in slimy, wet darkness.
I'll be right beside you, my love.

Bugs don't buzz when their time approaches. 
We'll be just like the roaches, my love. 

It pays to be on the edge of existence...
Just riding the surface, my love. 

The happiest songs all end with a smile. 
This might end with a smile, no, my love. 

If life could be forever one instant... 
Would it be the moment you met me? No, my love.

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  1. Ravi shankar- adventurer, seeker, finder of truths hidden in great songs and songs hidden those truths :)